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Software for taking freeform notes and writing research papers using electronic index cards
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ndxCards is productivity software for a student, academic or professional. It uses the idea of a note card to capture anything one would like to retain and reuse (an idea, something read or heard, a recipe or boilerplate text) and organizes them using keywords, sources, authors etc.

Get a blank note with a mouse click / hot key. Type or copy / paste directly from web sites, e-mails, other applications. Format the text (bold / bullets / numbers.) Set color for each note. Type-ahead data entry fields automatically complete subjects, keywords, sources etc. Taking notes is easy in a meeting or a class, or when reading from a book or web-site.

Retrieving notes is intuitive. Mark notes with 'push pin' and find them with one-click. Link a note to many keywords - your own keywords. Search for specific notes using keywords, subjects, dates or a combination of criteria.

Work with standard software, and use the notes you took. Drop notes into PowerPoint and analyze notes visually, drawing links between cards and inferring relationships. Highlight a set of note cards from the notes list and copy/paste contents into MSWord without opening each note card. Paste to Excel as an action register. Create projects to organize note cards in an outline with headings and export a draft document including a bibliography list of the sources you used.

Collaborate by sharing cards with colleagues. Pack cards and send it to a team member. Build a shared knowledge base this way.

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As a piece of software this program and its functionality is a great idea. The program works okay. It does provide a reasonable service. So why do I give it two stars?
1. It makes changes to your computer's settings that you may not want.

2. You buy the software, you put in the access code, they email you. It turns out to be in temporary access code that lasts for only 30 days, (even though you have already purchased the software). To get a permanent access code, you have to email the company again, and they later send you a new code; which you type in and then you may use the program on a permanent basis. It's a ridiculous and unnecessary extra step that no customer should ever have to go through.

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Stay away! This program will download a combo pack that will hijack your computer and change the settings. Very difficult to get rid of. This program may not be considered a virus or malware but it borders on the sleazy. I would avoid it and look for something from a reputable company.

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